We are Kidz Mover

As founding partner of Kidz Mover, Mimi’s experience with children of all ages makes her a key factor in bridging the gap between working parents and structured after school programs. Mimi, a Miami Beach school system alum, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing that she utilizes to create Kidz Mover interactive and structured after school program. If you really want to see her shin, you can catch her developing structured after school schedules, programs, and pick up routes with her mom and partner, Ivette.

Both Mimi and Ivette, native Miami Beach residents for over 25 years, have been able to blend their daily life with what some consider work. But hey, they say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. That is the main premise, mom and daughter duo Mimi and Ivette, have used to develop Kidz Mover, a cool and conscious after school program allowing Kidz of all ages to develop and grow while having structured fun! Now, Mimi and Ivette are responsible for maintaining and organizing the most interactive, structured and affordable after school program in Miami Beach. If you’re lucky (and a doggy lover) you may get the chance to meet Mimi and Ivette’s puppy sidekick/assistant, Kai, their Rhodesian Ridgeback best friend.